take care of me!

here are some care instructions to keep your jewels looking fresh all year long!


how do i take care of my mzayyanin earrings? 

polymer clay is very durable and flexible! doesn't mean you should bend it though. 

try to not swim or shower with your earrings on! 

wipe gently with a damp cloth to clean. 


how do i take care of my chew rings?

chew rings are carefully checked before shipping and are very sturdy! 

please make sure you order the correct ring size for you. clay rings may break if you get a size too small.

don't try bending your ring, as tempting as it might be! 

keep away from water, and wipe with a dry cloth to clean. 


how do i take care of my necklace?

super easy! just don't wear it in the shower. 

in the unlikely event that your necklace snaps, contact me ASAP!